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Should the rest of the world consider issuing a Monroe doctrine to America?

Has international trade made the concept of a nation's independence impossible?

For those of you who need a brief history lesson, The Monroe Doctrine was our young country's effort to declare that European involvement of the affairs of our country were unwelcome.

As you will recall at the time, Europeans were actively involved in America and very interested in protecting our valuable resources that Europeans had an interest in.

This sounds very familiar to me. Like the way in which our country involves itself in the affairs of other countries in the far east and middle east under the flag of fair trade.

I have complete faith that American military, freedom, relief, and aid are helpful to the countries that receive it. But why do we protest when they ask us to go away?

Do we really need the oil that badly?

I am not a political person by nature. I am a citizen. I read a lot and watch news programs. I make an effort to know my local representatives at all levels of government - personally if possible. I have been able to get cell phone numbers and email addresses for many of them. I try to stay current on how they vote the issues, but only do so modestly. I usually vote, but have skipped more than once. I would classify myself as independent or libertarian if I had to wear a pin (thank goodness I don't).

I am concerned that America is the police department for the world. I am also concerned that our economy is so closely tied to oil from the middle east and manufactured goods from Asia. I am not a big fan of Unions, although I respect the role they played in establishing rights for workers during the industrial revolution. I hate frivolous law suits and multi-million dollar rewards. I think that no company is too big to fail. I think that our nations level of entitlements is too much of a burden to tax payers.

I would like to see our country go on an austerity diet and bring spending back into balance - but I understand that it would wreck the economy, prolong the economic depression, and continue to burden the real estate industry that feeds my family.

I guess that I am hopeful that our nation begins to make small choices to preserve every country's independence. Rely less on foreign manufacturing and oil. Cut entitlements carefully and slowly. Tax us less.

File this under #justsayin

Monroe Doctrine - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia:

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