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Tax Reform and Lies

I had a curious chat with a friend yesterday. He is in his early 50s and the story he relayed to me referenced his father, presumably retired in his 70s or 80s. With passion my friend conveyed the lessons of his youth, which flourished with impassioned equality for all races and religions. With great lament, he also shared how his father has changed over the years. He switched teams and is now an R instead of a D. Even as a scientist, his father no longer acknowledges the particulate matter that industry has deposited in our atmosphere to create a greenhouse effect and contribute to global warming. “Your dad was successful,” I commented. “Taxes have a way of changing a man.” “Yes,” he replied. “And now I am beginning to see the tears in the fabric of my long held beliefs,” he added. If you are a friend that follows this blog, you know that I party with the Democrats on social issues, and party with the Republicans on fiscal issues. I am an independent because I think we

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