Election Observations - What Just Happened

Like every American, I found distaste with both candidates for President of The United States. Indeed, my negativity for both of them exceeded the redeemable qualities of either. Like everyone in America, I find myself trying to sort out what just happened. But Americans should wake up to some realities in the wake of this election. There are three important ones.

The Election Is Rigged
Donald Trump kept saying that the election is rigged, but I have never agreed with his reasoning. However, I do agree with his conclusion. The money, media, the polls, and the pundits completely missed the mark. All of the money, media, polls, and pundits were betting on Hillary, betting on the establishment. It is impossible for me to believe that the data was wrong. The people behind the data had an agenda and they made the data work for their agenda. There is no "Fair and Balanced," in the media. They are corrupted by the money and the status quo. (p.s. We are not alone - Britain's media completely missed both the US Election and the decision to leave the European Union).

The process for nominating the candidates is also abysmal. Only 28% of voters participated in the Primaries.

Hillary Clinton won the Presidency by count of the total votes, which certainly points to problems with our Electoral process, but I understand that if total votes were defacto process, high population States like New York State, California, Florida, and Texas would win every election. Our heartland (what I call the fly over States) would not have any voice in Washington. On the other hand - we have a huge problem in the way that voting districts are drawn across America. That is totally rigged - but has little implications to the Presidential race.

Republicans Control the White House, Senate, and the House of Representatives
I am an independent, but usually align with Republicans on tax and social policy. So this observation comes from a place where you would naturally think that I would support all three branches of government on the same team. But I do not! Much in the same way that I was horrified that the democrats would have a super majority in the California Assembly, I am equally horrified that the Republicans will have the upper hand for the next two years at passing legislation. This type of control is a huge risk to our nation. Too much power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.

I have written plenty about my belief that we need a safety net in America, but we have gone overboard on tax and spend policy. The government has a failed economic policy and is horrible at administrating everything. Social benefits are choking our nation. The Republicans have the deck set to reel back these programs, but I am afraid that they may go off the deep end - and that is not any good for anyone.

Your Vote Matters
Voting was up 4.7% in this election according to USA Today, but we did not set a record for the percentage of Americans who vote. Presidential election years have the highest voter turnout - 6 out of 10 Americans. In two years, only 4 out of 10 people will vote. Those of you who did not vote need to get involved. There are 200 Million registered voters - that means that 80 million did not cast a vote. America has the lowest voter participation in established democracies in the world.


  1. Victor - superb insights. Polling indeed is a crumbling science. Like Brexit, hidden Trump support roared to the front on election day (though stayed quiet to pollsters for fear of embarrassment). This shows that lower educated folk are intimidated by "elite" interests and feel only emboldened to challenge or express it in the privacy of their homes and voting booths.

    The Economist (a conservative British newspaper well over 100 years old) ran a summary of both candidates policies. Around economics they say "Clinton's plan is fiddly while Donald Trump's is absurd" with national debt ballooning to 105% GDP by 2026. So much for deficit hawks. So, something will give. Promises will be reneged...OR....we'll exacerbate our problems to new heights.

    My fear? We just let in a wolf to the fold. His zip up sheep suit thoroughly fooled the flock bouncers at the door of the bar who should be better trained to sniff out wolf stink. An autocrat who rules Manhattan with fear and intimidation and whose advisors know full well not to cross (right Paul Ryan?). We have our Putin now. Those who believe he is a servant of the people will be sadly disappointed. And I hope I'm wrong.

    But we'd better take this referendum on globalism and open borders seriously. A large swath of our fellow citizens don't agree with this EU approach. We've had our own Brexit and it played out very nearly to the same script as Britain.

  2. Victor, I totally agree with your thinking. I want to ask Trump...now that you have WON the election do you STILL think the election is rigged?

    As a mother I worry that our country and our globe is going to be riddled with more unrest, racism, and judgment than we've ever seen.

    As a business owner I wonder how Trump's egocentricity is going to affect any business interests other than his own. I would guess that developers are really excited about the outcomes. What will it mean for our environmental policies and those programs that are designed to look at the long haul of our planet. Will he push for more investment in technologies to reduce our reliance on polluters like Coal or will he focus more on building strip malls and casinos, regardless of the environmental impact?

    Also, did anyone notice how he didn't even really RECOGNIZE his supposed partner and running mate Pence? Is it going to be so all about him that he won't support those that are going to be closest to him?

    Like Victor, I was not really sold on either candidate, but I do believe that Hillary would have least been a more empathetic leader. I believe that those that Trump believes cannot help themselves are going to get left behind.

    It will be interesting to see how it plays out for sure.

    Im just glad the election is over at this point.


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