I Will Never Win Anything

I am a fairly odd dude when it comes to drawings. I do not believe that I will never win. It is not that way for everything. In games of skill, I have an irrational level of confidence that I call upon to improve my focus to the task - ask anyone who plays golf or a board game with me. I gamble too. Not that I am a high roller or frequent casino visitor, but I like poker when I am in Las Vegas. Along with everyone, I have good days and bad days in terms of winnings, but always have a good time.

Where I fall down is in Lottery or Drawings. I do not buy lottery tickets, save the odd office group buy for a mega pot. Generally I do not buy tickets to drawings unless it is to support some fundraiser. I have never won a Superbowl pool. My belief that I will not win has nothing to do with odds making, its emotional. I can't get over it. Perhaps that does not matter.

I saw an article in the San Luis Obispo today. A woman who lives about 45 miles away from us won a trip into outer-space. She will be around the 535th person ever to leave this planet. Her name is Mercedes Beccerra and this thing she won will change her life in amazing ways. Indeed, it already has.

Mercedes Beccerra is now a space celebrity. Yesterday, she was just an anyone, like most of us. Surely she has always been highly regarded by her friends and loved ones. She is a stay at home mom, and that is a beautiful thing. For the rest of her family's history - she will be known as the cousin, or second cousin, or ancestor that went into space. Her friends and family will be lifted from the halo of this event. She won it! The golden Ticket! Here is the article.

There was some other interesting news yesterday,
oddly not covered by our newspaper. The NASA Rover touched down on mars. They finally figured out how to slow down a rover to safe landing speeds. Apparently the rover that entered into the thin Mars atmosphere at 1700 MPH - that takes a pretty tough parachute to prevent a major crash. The engineers figured it out. It is a breakthrough event for NASA and space exploration everywhere.

Mars is interesting because there is some significant scientific evidence that supports the belief that conditions for life on Mars are theoretically sound. Oddly, to measure the validity of life on Mars, the scientists focus on death. Specifically, they look for evidence of methane gas that is generated whenever anything carbon-based dies. They landed the Rover in a deep crater. The deepest crater they could find. Craters are the most likely places for water to be found. Also, exploring the wall of the crater tells the story of billions of years of the planet's history. Who knows what they will find, or not find. The journey of discovery or non-discovery will be fantastic.

Odds are interesting things. The odds of Mercedes winning the golden space ticket are similar to the odds of life existing in our universe, with billions of stars in our galaxy, which is itself only one of billions of galaxies. I plan to be more optimistic about the possible and the plausible. Perhaps we all should have more faith.


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