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California has another record to be proud of. They collect $0.66 cents per gallon of gasoline - the highest tax in the United States. Taxes are even higher on diesel, which fuels commercial transportation.

There is a significant misconception about the cost of gasoline. The media and Washington D.C. would like to have you believe that it is the greedy oil companies. In truth, the average State & Federal gasoline taxes per gallan are $.48 cents on average. By contrast, Oil companies only profit $.07 per gallon (before they pay taxes on their corporate profits).

I think that the American public deserves some straight talk from our political leaders if we are going to develop good energy policy in America.

The next time you ponder our country's involvement in the politics of oil rich countries in the middle east - remember who has the most to gain by influencing the flow and pricing of oil.

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Where do your gasoline dollars go? | ExxonMobil's Perspectives Blog:

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