Bad Feeling

For the past few days now I have been overwhelmed with an intuitive feeling that something bad is going to happen. Its unsettling, unnerving, disruptive. Or, perhaps its the holidays.

There is so much that I am thankful for. I am so blessed to have Marilyn and Alexandra in my life. The three of us exist as one, stretching out to create a contour that allows each person to thrive. Every day I am amazed at the accomplishments of Alexandra and stunned by rhythm of Marilyn as she fosters a home, two companies, our family health, and motherhood.

I also could not be more thankful for everyone who works with us. I have watched the extraordinary development of Chris who has risen to the helm of our technology platform and RE Technology as a whole. He has always had great technical skills, but now he is a coach and a leader. He and Cody make sure that we are aways strengthening our application and never, never, down.

Kelly is our rock. She is the epicenter of our communication to more than 1 million people a month. And, Kelly and I know that Emily is juggling maternity and writing in the most supportive of ways. Lizz makes sure that every deadline is met, every customer promise is kept, and every payment is received with operational expertise. We are thrilled to welcome Leilani and Jason to our group. Each of them contribute so much to the opportunities we share. To be sure, we would all be at a loss without Christine and Mark doing such a great job keeping our workplace together.

I guess that Jenna deserves her own paragraph. Since joining our company she has sorted everything out, including us. She seems to have far more than two hands, juggling all of our projects, filling in wherever she is asked, and keeping us all on track. Above all of that, she delivers a great spirit to everyone around her, all the while raising her two boys and husband.

Our moms, Anne and Stella are ever courageous. Each of them have watched their husbands pass on, but are living vibrant lives in their 80's. They handle health issues with ease, rebounding from joint replacement surgery, cancer, heart problems, and everything else that life throws at them. They are amazingly strong women with unending love and support to their family and friends.

We will certainly miss Melissa this holiday season. She has been a part of our life every day for four years. She has helped us raise our daughter, our company, and our dog Austin. In many ways, her departure is what I expect it to feel like when Alexandra goes to college. It is a mixture of happiness and loss. So too shall we miss Barry and Darlene as they leave the central coast to split time with their children and grandchildren in Minneapolis and Boston. The Andersons left the neighborhood last year, and we miss them every day.

There is a very special place in Arroyo Grande called Dellos Performing Arts Center. About 40 children spend twenty hours a week in the studio learning to dance, and so much more. Johnna, Mama T, Mr. Richard, Ms. Katie, Jill, Keara, and Ms. Kim foster the growth of these children in ways that extend far beyond dance. In my life, sport taught me the greatest lessons and now I see those lessons being learned by Alexandra and each other child at the studio every week. They work hard, they support one another, and all of these children are learning to make great choices in life. Johnna says that the studio is her spiritual calling, which is undoubtedly true. Each year there is a different group of teachers and dancers. Some dancers graduate or move on in other ways. It happens to teachers too, like Mr. Marco who has left an indelible mark on Alexandra and so many others.

What sports teaches you is that success in life happens when you are able to team up with others to compete for mutual goals. I am so blessed to be able to work with so many talented business partners, especially Mike, John, David, Bob, Helen, Mark, Scott, Todd, Peter, Craig, Prem, Chris and Amy, Jack, Jim and Kathy, and so many others..... All of the supporters of RE Technology and WAV Group have allowed those companies to thrive against tremendous odds in a most difficult economic climate.

Together we have weathered a terrible storm. It hurt a lot of people and many people are still recovering albeit with sunnier skies overhead. But I do not think that anyone will be able to forget just how hard the recession was. For me, I only have stories from parents and grand parents who lived through the last recession to benchmark against. This recession was more more hygienic, and you did not see soup lines - but so many people lost their homes and will be unable to buy a home for many, many years. Its a heart breaking hangover that may never go away.

Perhaps the bad feeling is the natural occurrence of yen-yang. The better things are going, the happier you are, the less you trust it. My mind as been racing to contemplate what bad thing is about to happen, where it will happen, and to whom. Tragedy happens all around us every day, so its hard to ignore. Just yesterday there were two fatal accidents in our county, both along the roads I drive everyday.


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