Friday party with candidates Dan Dow and Lynn Compton

On Friday we gathered our RE Technology flock together. We are comprised of passionate individuals who really enjoy living on the central coast, and who are excited about the role that each plays in delivery of a website that generates over a million visits a month. It is a modest accomplishment, but we are a proud group.

For those of you who do not know, the Central Coast food favorite is tri-tip beef grilled over California red oak. We call it Santa Maria Style BBQ. When paired with good friends, some local grape juice and a sunset over the Pacific – it’s hard to keep a simile off your face. Brian Woodruff manned the BBQ pit to perfection. Any Friday is ample reason for such a get together, but on this Friday, we had an agenda.

Since Christmas, we have welcomed five new members to the RE Technology team. This was our first chance to get everyone together and socialize. We sat around the fire pit and everyone introduced him or herself and talked about where they came from and what they do for the company. Hearing everyone’s story was captivating. It was the first time we have had everyone together. Even their families joined us. For me, the people part of growing a company is the best part. We are all connected by choice. And, that connection provides for us and for our families.

I always like to invite someone from outside the company to attend our gatherings. In some way, we gain some perspective. As we ramp up to the June 3rd elections, it seemed only appropriate to have a few candidates join us. So often we find ourselves in a voting booth staring at names we have never heard of before. Given that we are a small company with lots of first time professionals, I thought it would be a good opportunity for us to meet Dan Dow and Lynn Compton. Dan Dow is running for San Luis Obispo County District Attorney. Lynn Compton is running for San Luis Obispo County Supervisor. They both did an excellent job of sharing the story of how they chose to run for election. It was fascinating. Each of them encouraged everyone to register to vote, and provided information on how the RE Technology can help with their campaign – either by simply liking their page on Facebook, or walking the precincts with them, or donating to their campaign.

I could not help but to draw parallels between running company and running a campaign. It’s interesting to note that both have the word “running” as an adverb that best describes them. I can tell you that to be successful, there is a lot of running in anything that you want to accomplish. It takes hard work by a lot of people and the support of many families.

If you read this blog much, you know that I am very concerned about the way that government is managing our country. We should all be concerned, and we should all be involved. In some small way, a group of us took a step in that direction on Friday, and I became a little more hopeful for the future.

If you live around here – take some time to learn about Dan and Lynn. They are both wonderful people. We sure appreciate them both for being so gracious with their time.

Lynn Compton's website
Dan Dow's website


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