My Vote

Here is how I voted for the June 3rd. Direct Primary Election - I am mainly writing this down to see how I did. I did not bother to write down the people that ran unopposed. The only two races that we contributed to were for County Supervisor and District Attorney. The rest of my vote ran on web search results. Its kinda funny, but Facebook played a major role in my vote - more than newspaper articles or candidate pages.

Governor - Neel Kashkari
Lieutenant Governor - David Fennell
Secretary of State - Pete Peterson
Controller - Ashley Swearengin
Treasurer Greg Colon
Attorney General -Ronald Gold
Insurance Commissioner Ted Gaines
Board of Equalization - James Theis
United States Representative - Chris Mitchum
State Assembly - Katcho Achadjian
Superintendent of Public Instruction - Tom Torklakson
County Supervisor - Lynn Compton
County Clerk-Recorder - Amanda King
District Attorney - Dan Dow

Prop 41 - no
Prop 42 - yes


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