The Fall Season

Fall is here, although it is difficult to notice where I live. Days are getting shorter and life activity is full on. As the father of an 11 year old, I see the shift in family life when school kicks in. One of us spends at least a few hours each day engaged in school work. Kids need coaching to plan their work and work their plan. Left to their own, there are too many distractions.

Dance is kicking in full time. In addition to school - @sparkleslund is training a lot DPAC dance studio and layering in her professional work over the top. We have been working with a friend (@directorbrazil) of ours from Los Angles to rework her branding. It has been a great experience to watch professionals from the entertainment industry work their craft. She will be launching a new website sometime in the next month and she is doing a video project to share her values with other kids. I am amazed that someone so young can feel so natural in front of a camera. She has a long ways to grow, but she is starting off strong #proudpappa.

We expanded our WAV Group consulting firm by adding a corporate communications business. Here is the release on PR NewsWire. 

Launching a new service is a lot of fun. We have been busy creating presentations, proposals, and responding to a flurry of inquires from friends in the business that are supporting our launch. Our new teammate Kevin Hawkins will be running everything. He has been aces to work with. We also had a meeting with a bunch of clients at a conference last week and everyone liked him and appreciated his background. He is a solid executive and is full of great energy. WAV Group founding partner Mike Audet when to work full time for a company in the industry. We miss him.

Our RE Technology business is doing great. We are super close to a watershed moment. Since founding the company in May of 2010, we have been installing our solution into about 2 MLSs each month. We are pretty close to 100 publishing partners. I am not sure if we will ever hit 1 Million readers, but we are over 750,000 right now. The best part is that the team at RE Technology has been there for over three years, and that is when the magic happens in a business. They really understand our principles and our customers. It is a great groove to be in.

Our friend Dan Dow is taking the helm in the District Attorney's office. We are really excited for Dan and his family and have already heard from numerous people that work in the DAs office about the positive change he is bringing to the office. It is great for our county to have such a strong leader.

There are a few weeks to go in the election for County Supervisor and we are supporting Lynn Compton. Our county is strongly driven by agriculture and Lynn gets that. She is also raising a family here and understands the many ways that families play the most vital role in retaining the quality of life that is so fundamental to our community. Her focus is more on principles than on tactics. That is a good place to lead from.

I really have a good feeling that this election cycle is a boost to business. My hope is that private companies play a more significant role in the economy than government, but we are a long way from that in California today. There has been a ton of M&A activity among public companies in our industry, signaling that big business have lots of access to capital. I am hopeful that there will be more M&A activity among private firms - that is a stronger signal of health since most employers are small to mid-sized private companies.

Thats all I got. Welcome to October - one of my mother's favorite months of they year.


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