October is Over

October is over, and I am over October. It was quite a month, and I did something that I have never done before. For the first time, I slept in a different city and in every time zone in North America in the same week. I started in California (Pacific) then went on to Salt Lake City (Mountain). From there I went to Omaha, NE (Central), which was a first time experience for me. It is a beautiful city that I hope to return to someday. From there I traveled to Boston(Eastern) for a night then back to Chicago for a night before going to Los Angeles for a night.

Although it hard, I managed to get through it pretty easily. I am convinced that participating in Sober October played a role in making it all manageable. I also shed about 5 pounds, which is always a nice benefit. 

Alexandra and I were in Salt Lake separately in October. Alexandra went to work forDivina and modeled for their annual catalog. I went to the Ryan and Kelly Bucknam wedding. Early October is a beautiful time to be in Utah. Next time I will be going back for the film festival and, hopefully great skiing. The snow was pretty scarce last year.

Just for good measure, I threw in a trip to Seattle to close the month out. I celebrated my birthday by being treated to a nice lunch with Kevin Hawkins – who is running our new WAV Group Communications company (think PR firm but full service). We also launched a new WAV Group product called WAVes of Change this month.  I watched the Giants win the World Series from the comfy Art bar at the Four Seasons on the waterfront with Greg Schwartz. To round out the night, I was able to meet up with John Brian Losh for dinner. I also had a nice breakfast with York Bauer before going to work that afternoon at the John L. Scott convention as a featured speaker.

Halloween was kind of a bummer for the kids. Total 2014 rainfall in Arroyo Grande this year is 1.4.” It all came Halloween night.

Alexandra had a pretty great month. She launched a new website and re-launched her YouTube channel. She is posting a blog article every week (target is Wednesday) and a video every Sunday – Sunday with Sparkles. She had the first video shoot a few weeks ago. She has another one today. Our goal is for her to learn how to write on a regular basis through her blog. The video is helping her feel comfortable in front of a camera. Our friends at Burn the Boats production and @directorBrazil have also started her out on interviewing people in the entertainment industry. She did her first interview last week.

Anything that you can do to help her out by subscribing to her Sparkles Lund website, and Sparkles Lund YouTube page would be excellent.

Don't forget to vote - need new leadership in our nation.


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