Shattuck School Song

I am making the journey back to Shattuck-St. Mary's this week. Its one of those reunions that is counted by decades rather than years. I am really exited to see my classmates and recall the stories of our youth. I try to make it back every year, with special emphasis on our 5 year and 10 year marks - but its hard.

I attended Shattuck in the post Military school days - the early 80s. The school has evolved from an Episcopal Mission School in the 1800s to a Military school until the Vietnam era. Then it became the college preparatory boarding school which it is today. In may day, boys were on one campus and the girls were on the St. Mary's campus. At the time, the boys all required to gather each Wednesday night at the Chapel of the Good Shepard to celebrate our faith and sing the Shattuck School Song.

I do not ever remember looking at the words to the song. We sang it from our hearts. Over the years some of the words were blurred and I was more than surprised to see that Google could not find it for me. A former classmate who works in the Alumni office, Heather Hyslop was kind enough to send me a copy. For posterity, I am adding it to the internet.

Shattuck Men

Shattuck Men, we've trod the paths together,
Sons of a Mother wise and true;
Now we're bound by ties we will not sever
All our whole lives through.

Shattuck brothers here we found
Friendships that will never die
Light to lead us in the shining future
To our purpose high.

Valiant sons who gave their full devotion
Dwelt 'neath thy ivy mantled tow'rs
Vanished now a far o'er boundless ocean
Still real those hours

On the fields their voices rang
In thy halls they served thee well
And though time and space have come between them
Still thy glories tell

We have found that ever living glory
Where those same men ye knew of old
Wrote thy fame in legend and in story
Brighter far than gold.

March together hand in hand
The time will come when we must part
Still The love of Shattuck days will linger
Ever in each heart.

The song is an adaptation created by Claiborne R. Hill in 1955 from the original Amherst Senior Class song written in 1906.

For those who would like the music


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