Democrat and Republication Economic Manipulation

Our nation is in the midst of an economic crisis of epic proportions. That is the truth. As we look forward to the weeks ahead, behold the rhetoric of both the Republican and Democratic pundits as they seek to manipulate the American people with soundbites from their respective conventions. Don't buy it. Our Nation is now $16,001,540,496,249.00 in debt (at the moment I wrote this post). Each citizen's share of this debt is $51,052. Our debt grows at a rate of $3.88 Billion per day!

The goal of both parties is to develop pundits. People who will offer the media his or her opinion or commentary on topics that serve the party agenda. They will quote numbers which illustrate half truths in an effort to cloud the decision making process of voters. For example, x million jobs have been created under so-and-so's watch. They do not speak of the x million of jobs lost, or the x million of new workers who could not find work. They do not talk about net effects - just soundbites of rhetoric.

Political rhetoric is an art. It is the facility of speakers and writers who attempt to persuade or motivate audiences to vote in their favor. Rhetoric seeks to outline any issue in an effort to manipulate opinions into a false sense of reality.

The psychological manipulation of the American voter through the media is disgusting. Republicans and Democrats are both so obviously underhanded in their deceptive efforts and abusive tactics.

Here is some truth to consider.

When a whitehouse is held by one party, and the senate and the house are controlled by another - both parties are responsible for outcomes - good and bad. The truth is, both parties have failed Americans.

Blame them both!

  • In the past 4 years, median household income has decreased $4000 per year.
  • Federal Debt has grown $5 Trillion dollars - from $11T to $16T.
  • 42 straight months unemployment rates above 8%.
  • Lowest number of new small businesses in 30 years.

I blame them both for arrogance and self serving government.

Do yourself a favor this election year. Stop monitoring the press coverage - it only feeds the political beast. Tell the Republicans and the Democrats that you are sick of the pundits, the rhetoric, and unduly coercive BS.

Our Nation needs to adopt a simple economic equation.

Raise Taxes (or allow the Bush Tax Cuts to expire) and cut benefits (medicare, medicaid, and social security).

I don't care who you vote for, but if you vote for anything other than people who plan to cut benefits and keep or raise taxes - you are undermining the future of our nation and its people.

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