Alexandra Sparkles Lund releases demo reel

You may know that our daughter  Alexandra has a dance name of Sparkles....Thanks to the naming excellence of Tahirih Ellison, choreographer. Sparkles has been dancing since she was 4, and was invited onto the competition team at DPAC 2011. Dellos Performing Arts Center is the premier dance studio on the central coast of California and is recognized among the top studios in America.

2011 was an amazing year for us as a family. We watched in awe as our daughter took the stage in Journey of Faith, a production dance that chronicled the story of a girl as she emerged from innocence into adolescence. Alexandra played the girl as a child in the beginning of the piece. In so many ways, it was the beginning of our journey in real life.

For the 2012 season, we agreed to let Sparkles do a solo. It is a big step for an 8 year old. But she took that step with vigor, going undefeated in all competitions and being awarded Icon Dancer of the Year - National Champion! If you have not seen her solo, Watcha Want - check it out. The recognition led to her signing with The Movement Talent Agency in Los Angeles. Much love goes out to all of the coaches and choreographers and other dancers that inspire her every day - marco - mama T - Jill - Jordan - Trev - Juju - Fuego - Mocha - Miss J - the prop dads, and so many others that it would be insane to name.

She is off to a great start in the 2013 season, winning the Hollywood Connection competition in her age group in the Northern California Regional with her new solo, Watcha Need. It is crazy good. We are uber proud.

Yesterday, we had to put a dance reel together for her agent. It took 6 hours to pick the music, clips, pull video, source images, mix it all together, render it, and publish it to youtube. Alas, its done. Please check it out.


  1. Wow, your daughter is very talented. I can only imagine the hours of practice and dedication to get to be that good. I remember my daughter's first dance recital where she performed I'm a little teapot. We immediately moved her into soccer, lol.


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