My ipad desktop

I got the ipad 4 just before Christmas. I had been lumbering around with the ipad 1 since they were first released. This is my desktop set up. I put Messages ,Safari, Evernote, mail, and camera in the bottom tray because those the apps that I use the most.

There is not a lot of logic to the order of apps on my first page, but these are my favorite apps at this time. My calendar is all synced up with our team and family calendars. I have been using FaceTime a lot with my daughter because it is better than voice calls by a mile. Wish my wife would adop tfacetime too. I use it occasionally for business, but not much.

Photos is a heavily used app. My pictures are shared between my iphone, ipad, laptop, desktop, and backed up. My ipad mounts in the car, so my daughter uses maps and pandora a lot. The ipad is paired with my car - so I can use it for turn by turn directions or to play my music. I geta lot of LinkedIn and Facebook messages, so those are front and center.

Instagram is fun,and my daughter uses it a lot too. YouTube is one of my favorites. We shoot and publish a lot of dance videos. Twist is a new app I am trying out. It tracks you on GPS and tells someone when you will arrive at their location. I am always modifying settings. - especially network settings. Unfortunately I find myself updating apps a few times a week.

Flipboard is my favorite ipad app, and is the best pad reader I have found. I like reading news on Flipboard more than my desktop browser. Vodio is like Flipboard, but for video. The jury is still out. Kik will go away soon. My daughter upgraded from an iPod to an iphone, so can text rather than kik.

Dropbox is handy for document sharing across all my devices. It works with DocuSign too. Blogsy is my newest app. I am using it now to write this post. Integrates fully with Blogger (, Wordpress (, and Joomla (

Switch is simply a wicked cool way to be creative on the web.



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