In remembrance of George Eastman the Kodak guy

On this day in 1932, a famous man who had amassed a great fortune took his own life. His name was George Eastman and the manner in which he changed the way we live was surely as significant as that of his friend Tom Edison or his other friend Henry Ford. 

Eastman made it possible for us to take pictures, nearly everywhere, nearly anytime. And maybe best of all, he found a way for us to take pictures that move....just like we do....its called movies.

Strangely....or maybe not....Eastman used the same discipline that made him a successful inventor to make him a successful suicide. Here's what the New York Times wrote of the event - "....As methodically as he lived his seventy-one years, he penned a brief note, carefully put out his cigarette, placed the cap back on his fountain pen and removed his glasses before firing a shot through his heart..."

The note he left was simple, plain, functional...not unlike his revolutionary "Brownie Camera." The note read - "To my friends: My work is done. Why wait?...G.E."

Eastman left behind a major enterprise - Eastman Kodak. But he gave away most of his money while he was still alive. He thought legacies might not bring joy. He could not have known the joy the legacy of the film he developed would bring to generations around the world. Nor could he know that the great corporation he founded would ultimately end up in bankruptcy as the world went digital as the
company watched.

To focus on the right image and avoid the negative spin, try to develop the best picture you can. It is sad to think that his once great brand, full of innovation will now be blown to the wind.


  1. Today is officially Pi day!! YAY for 3.14159265 and Albert Einstein was born on this day in 1879!


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