Happy Thanksgiving

It is getting colder outside. The leaves have nearly all fallen from the trees. Early winter storms have shown their bitter side and we see less of the sun. Nevertheless, our spirits are high as we celebrate the fall harvest.

The vineyards are empty now. The local grapes are nestled in bins. Hunters have been having a good season, filling tables with goose, ducks, and venison. After the fall sprint, children are welcoming the first long break of the season. Thanksgiving is the official beginning of Christmas - Black Friday and all. You can feel the anticipation in children as they glow a certain way. The Canadians had Thanksgiving a few weeks ago and they say it will be excellent this year.

Tomorrow will be filled with family visits and phone calls as we connect with those we love and care about. Aside from family and friends - and the amazing feast - there is the football tradition. I may go play in the turkey bowl at the highschool - a bunch of out of shape guys like me revisiting youthful memories of our days in pads. There will also be three great football games on TV - much to the dismay of American women.

I pick Houston over Detroit; Dallas over the Redskins (sorry mom), and New England over the Jets. I feel really good about the first two picks - New England v. Jets could be anyone's game as they are fierce competitors.

Happy Thanksgiving from the Lund Family.

Please feel free to comment below on your picks to win the game.


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