SuperStar Records signs Jack Mac and the Heart Attack Horns

There is an intersection that occurs between work and life. We have always celebrated this intersection, figuratively and literally. In my work life, I attend around 6 or more conferences a year. Each lasts about 3 or 4 days and has associated travel on each side of the conference extending the event for an entire week. Add it all up, and you can see that with conferences alone, I travel more than a month a year, and I am not alone.

There is a group of executives that are on the same circuit. They too leave their homes and families to enter into this other world and associate with their business families. They all work for different companies, but are kindred spirits as a result of the road years of spending a month together.

To recognize the fraternity of this group, my companies started having parties about 3 years ago. These parties are for the road warriors that enjoy the opportunity to relax, hear some great music, and enjoy the college of their peers without the spotlight of being in "work character." In the beginning, these parties were held in someone's hotel suite, and the band was an informal group of folks from the industry who had some musical talent. We sang along, and had a great time. Perhaps too good, as the word spread of this secret party and we soon had more than 100 people crammed into a hotel suite. We even met many of the members of hotel security!

In recognition that there really are a lot of people that need this type of escape while on the road, our friend John Heithaus suggested that we find a party spot and he said that he would be happy to pull together some of his professional musician friends to join in - aka....Sax Player from Billy Joel - Mark Rivera, Backup Singer for Faith Hill and and others - Wendy Moten. They are our East Coast Band.

John himself is a professional bass player. Other real rockstars would join the band for events and our industry friends would get a chance to sit in with them. Industry players are too numerous to list but include my business partner Mike Audet, who truly loves music and is a recording artist himself.

John brought on Jack Mac and the Heart Attach Horns to join us for West Coast events. When they played for us at the House of Blues in Anaheim for more than 1000 of our friends - they created memories that we will never forget.

Aside from John's life as the CMO of one of the nations largest MLSs, he owns a company that represents artists called SuperStar Records. They announced some success this week, and I am proud to include this press release.

Press Release:

Nashville, TN. November 15, 2012. Imagine the incredible potential when Grammy™, ASCAP and Blues Music Award winner Tom Hambridge joins forces with one of America’s baddest Soul bands?  “Lookin Up!” is a genuine Blues meets Soul creative collaboration featuring a hip blend of relevant, authentic and soulful songs with Star-studded musical performances.

John Heithaus, Executive Producer of the EP and Hambridge’s partner in SuperStar Records, said: “Jack Mack’s sweet and funky soul music has earned a critically acclaimed and deep legacy of success in the music business. This includes eight records, blockbuster movie soundtracks and hundreds of global television/guest/stage performances. Signing this great band, and matching them with one of the industry’s top producers and composers, proves that traditional musical synergy can produce tasteful music geared for today’s engaged global audiences!” 

“Lookin’ Up!” features Mark Campbell, loved the world over as one of the premier blue-eyed soul vocalists and performers of our generation. The superlative guitarist, Andrew Kastner, and top-ranked “Kansas City tenor player”, Professor Bill Bergman, both served as Hambridge’s co-writers and Co-Producers. The Heart Attack Horns contributed the band’s signature Wall of Soul ™ sound featuring Bill Bergman, Les Lovitt, Roy Wiegand, Terry Landry and the signature horn arrangements by renowned Trumpeter, Lee Thornburg

If that wasn’t enough, the team engaged Jack Mack’s “Soul Brothers” rhythm section and notable guest stars to round out the crew. This features: Emmy and BMI Award winner W.G. Snuffy” Walden, piano and B3 wizard Reese Wynans (Allman Brothers, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Buddy Guy), and Rock and Roll Hall of Famer Julie Delgado (John Mayer, Stevie Wonder, Janet Jackson) on backing vocals, to name just a few. The icing on the proverbial soul cake is a sizzling harmonica solo contributed by the Memphis Blues genius and Grammy™ Winner, the legendary James Cotton, known the world over as “Super Harp” for his performances on tunes like “Got My MOJO Working.”
“Lookin’ Up!” delivers a bright and highly optimistic outlook by inspiring fans to join together and envision a better future for all Americans to prevail over our mutually shared hardships. The EP features 5 songs at a value priced $5.99 and includes a surprise Jack Mack bonus track for an EP only purchase, specially recorded for the occasion.  “Lookin’ Up!” will be made available online at iTunes, Amazon, Google Music, Spotify, Rhapsody, Xbox Live and many more of your favorite music outlets.

Superstar Records is an artist-owned and operated record label headquartered in Nashville. We’re a retail-savvy company that provides 360-degree conception-to-digital delivery support. Artists directly participate in the ownership and control of their music and, also, maintain a 24/7 forum to communicate with fans old and new, market merchandise, and gain from critical audience engagement. 

For more: or SuperStar Records, 9 Music Square South, Suite 276 Nashville, TN 37203. 1-866-803-5825 x101


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