My failed protest vote

I told everyone about my protest vote. I sincerely did not like any of the candidates, so I turned my vote against the entire system and went for Gary Johnson.. It was not an absurd protest vote (Roseanne Barr). I knew that he would not win, but I was hoping that the Libertarian party would garner 5% of the vote so that they would be granted federal funding in the next election, and have a place on the podium during the debates.

Despite my keen interest, I did not note even a whisper about vote tallies in any state for anyone other than the republican and democratic candidates. I think that the media is part of the problem.

I am truly sick fo the two party system. The parties work together to limit voter choice and exclude minor party candidates from the election dialogue. We are stuck with either-or. I remember the efforts by Clinton and Dole to block Ross Perot and then again, blocking Donald Trump. I did not really like Perot or Trump as president - but I believe that they influenced the debate and made leading candidates refine and reform some of their political ideology. In many ways, both the democrats and the republicans have become one party of political self preservation, equally divided against each other.

The both support foreign interventionism. They both support continued deficit spending. They both support the erosion of our civil liberties through the Patriot Act and the National Defense Authorization Act. They have both failed on the war on drugs. They both defend the loop-hole ridden tax system that discourages growth and is largely confiscatory.

In my life, I was raised a Minnesota Republican. We are big on education and helping those in need, but prefer small government that does not intervene or compete with business. I hate that the Republican party has become a "white man's party." I want a leader that will cut spending and regulation. I want open boarders, not fences and walls, but believe that only citizens should get citizen rights and benefits. I am pro-choice, pro-gay marriage equality. I really do not mind if people use marijuana as long as it is done far from the view of children. My guy Gary Johnson lined up on all of these issues. I guess that it was just me and 1.2M other people that felt the same way. I guess that I did not realize that I was such a minority her in America.

So here we go for another four years of tax and spend. Another 4 years of a war that has little to do with us. Another 4 years of federal involvement in business regulations and forceful infringement on a State's self government. Healthcare costs will continue to spiral out of control despite the many promises of reform. Republicans and Democrats will be on TV telling America how the other party is blocking the "tough decisions" that it takes to rebuild our economy and our freedom. And in another 4 years, Libertarian candidates, Green Party Candidates, and other Independent Candidates will once again be barred from getting a word in edge-wise on how we can improve America. Our country has been compromised by political wrangling, and there is little that we can do to change it. Perhaps my little voice here in this article will ring a bell with a few more people.

If any of this resonates with you - please post it to Facebook or Twitter - or send a link to your friends. Perhaps there are more people out there who agree.


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