Sparkles Lund Dance Reel Passes 50 Thousand Views

In January of this year, Alexandra (aka Sparkles) was asked by her agent to produce a dance reel highlighting some of her dance acts from 2012. We spent a daddy daughter saturday using our Big Mac with iMovie putting it all together. She picked a song, selected the clips, and produced the arrangement. We published it to YouTube and did not really think much of it again.

If you take a look at this link, you will see that most of her videos published on YouTube have fewer than 1000 views. However, in the past 9 months, her dance reel has amassed over 50,000! In a relatively small way, our little bundle of joy has somehow managed to attract the imagination of a rather significant audience. Strangely enough, we have no clue who they are.

2012 was an outstanding year for Alexandra. She danced with abandon, celebrating each routine with a full out performance. She was recognized with awards everywhere she performed. The only critiques were related to technique. Her stage presence attracted the attention of The Movement Talent Agency and she worked for them for a year. She booked a fair amount of work as a rookie last year. In September she was hired by Clear Talent Agency.

This year she has been working hard on her technique and we owe it all to the teachers and choreographers who have challenged her in the studio during every class. Twice a day she spends a half an hour stretching. She is working on a Jazz Solo choreographed by Jill Clark and a Hip Hop solo choreographed by Brooklyn Jai for this year. She has also been selected for the competition team for Dellos Performing Arts Center and will be performing in 4 numbers for them. Beginning this October, Sparkles will be participating at one or two dance conventions every month. The first is Pulse On Tour in Dallas next weekend. The schedule is here - If we are in your town, let us know and we can get you tickets to see her perform.

If you want to check out the other kids that are with Clear Talent Agency - have a look at this video. You will recognize these kids as they are on TV, Movies, Commercial, and Print every day.

CTG Youth Dance Division Promo from CTG on Vimeo.


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