Is the media failing americans

I listened to the coverage of the results of the recent victory of Newt Gingrich had in the recent primary. There was not a single mention of the policies that he will bring to office if elected. The 2 hours of coverage was focused on three topics: Mitt Romney's tax returns; Newt Gingrich's open marriage proposal; and Newt Gingrich's consulting contracts with Fannie Mae. There was no mention at all of Ron Paul or Rick Santurum.

How will the voting American find the real information that will inform their voting decisions?

Here is a history lesson: Many Thanks to UBS financial Advisor - Art Cashin for the valued reminder that the media can be dangerous. 

On this day (+1) in 1897, Joseph Pulitzer's New York World featured the first newspaper comic strip called "The Yellow Kid." Among the growing immigrant population of New York, the new comic was an instant success. But William Randolph Hearst's N.Y. Journal wasn't willing to let Pulitzer succeed, so Hearst began a circulation war. The two dailies became aggressive and waged their war over the concept of war - war with Spain - war over Cuba. 

Both papers tried to out-hype each other on the war issue so much that their pandering gave rise to a new phrase, one based on the comic strip, "The Yellow Kid" (and the yellow ink that bled onto other page). Critics called it "yellow journalism" and most think the press competition started the Spanish-American War. 

To celebrate take Brian Williams, Scott Pelley and Diane Sawyer to a cocktail party at Ted Turner's house and reassure everyone that competitiveness would never get in the way of a free and effective press. (Don't mention Election Night the year 2000 or that Florida's in two Time Zones......or even the real primary election results in Iowa).

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