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TechCrunch is one of my favorite blogs. It keeps me informed of what is happening in all areas of the high tech industry, from early stage start ups to gossip among the technology giants - successful new product launches, and bad company blunders. TechCrunch also provides a significant dose of best practices, and this one is excellent.

Give Us Your Best One-Sentence Pitch

They ask their readers to structure a 1 sentence pitch using the following format:

My Company (company name) is developing ( a defined offering) to help (a target audience) (solve a problem)(with a secret sauce).

For those of you who have worked with WAV Group, you may recognize the format a bit. We use it for a positioning exercise like this:

For (target audience), (product/company name) is the only (defined offering) that (solution).
Reasons to believe this:
1. Secret Sauce
2. Secret Sauce
3. Secret Sauce

This is a good practice for everyone in business. Try it at your board meeting - see if anyone can easily put it together. Ask your sales people. Ask your marketing people. Ask your support people. You will be amazed at the answers you get.

If you want to be blown away - ask your customers!

Read this post to see how others responded.

Startups: Give Us Your Best One-Sentence Pitch | TechCrunch:

Here were the winners

Here’s the ‘winner’ of the bunch:
– “My company, Flat-Club, is developing an online marketplace to help students and alumni of top universities find short-term accommodation by leveraging existing social networks to create trust.”
The runner-up:
– “My company, Neo, is developing an online lending platform to help first time car buyers get an affordable car loan by assessing credit risk based on the borrower’s real-time financial and social data as credit history.”
Four other pitches we rated highly (honorable mentions if you will):
– “My company,, is developing a Web application to help product design teams quickly share mockups, precisely communicate and collaboratively refine design ideas with dead simple drag and drop tools.”
– “Our company, KIDzOUT, is developing a mobile application to help parents find nearby diaper changing stations, kid-friendly restaurants, play areas, or medical services using our proprietary, national database of over 260,000 known locations.”
– “My company, ScatchApp, is developing a mobile application to help designers transform their paper sketches into working, interactive mock-ups using phone’s built-in camera.”
– “My company,, is developing a monthly subscription for clothes to help tech geeks dress well, using technology to curate individual wardrobes at large scale.”

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