Tablet Ownership Almost Doubles and Friends Call

My iPad setup

If you did not already have an iPad or other tablet before Christmas - you probably do now. Tablet computers were the rage of the holiday. The number of adults with a tablet went from 10% to 19% in less than a month (Pew Internet & American Life Project). If you include e-readers, the market penetration among adults is 29%. Apple was so successful that they overtook Exxon as the largest company in America.

A number of my friends were among the fortunate recipients of the new iPad. I languish away with my iPad 1 - such a slacker! Anyway - I did get a number of emails from people asking about my favorite apps - so here goes:

I use Hootsuite for monitoring social networks including linkedin, facebook, and twitter feeds. It is super handy when I am at conferences or meetings.

I use Evernote for taking notes and capturing webpages.

I have a lot of media apps - CBS, NBC, Fox, ABC, ESPN, WSJ, NYTimes, Washington Post, Sun (London and Hong Kong).

I have all of the productivity tools for pdf, word processing(pages), spreadsheets(numbers), presentations(keynote) - love that. By the way - if you want to use your iPad for presentations, you can pick up a connector at any apple store.

I use iCloud to keep all of my contacts and calendars etc. synchronized across all devices.

I like DropBox for storing and sharing large documents and images that cannot be emailed. This is a really handy way for me to save my presentations to my iPad, and make them available at conferences for the audience to download.

I use a number of publishing tools to manage my websites - but I do not suspect that those are important to many of you. For example - I use the Blogger app for this blog and the Wordpress app for WAV Group.

For movies, I use Netflix, but also use the Ted App a lot for inspired videos. I also have HBO Go, which comes with my cable subscription.

For real estate, I use zillow, trulia, Century 21 and's apps. I must confess - I really do not use them a lot - more for research purposes and to watch what everyone it doing.

I like Yelp for restaurant ratings, but also use Foursquare. I make reservations using OpenTable when necessary.

I use the Kindle app for purchasing books - more selection in the amazon store than the Apple Bookstore.

I like TripAdvisor for foreign travel - it was great in Italy last summer.

Our Choice is a really cool environmental app done with support from Al Gore - it is a great tool for teaching children about the environment. It really explores the bounds of interactive magazines.

Whistle turns my ipad into a phone - that is cool.

If you have a company or market a product - you may want to take a look at this article - it has a lot of breakdowns on who is adopting these handy mobile devices. The Men vs. Women may surprise you.
Tablet Ownership Almost Doubles Over Holiday Period:

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  2. Have you tried Team Viewer? The app give you yhe ability to have remote access to any computer and the applications. Very convenient and easy to use. And it's free.


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